Other than the charming location, the “family first” mentality, and the extraordinary homes, why should YOU move to Windsong Ranch?

Frisco is to be “the Silicon Valley of golf”

The PGA Headquarters is moving to Frisco (a 10-minute drive from Prosper). The site will include two championship golf courses, a short course, and practice areas totaling 45 holes. This means PGA Championships in the future…a golfer’s dream!

New Neighbors

The plans have been announced and The Cook Children’s Hospital is in the works. To keep up with the emergent need for pediatric health care services in the area, Rick Merrill, president and CEO of Cook Children’s Health Care System is keeping his promise “to improve the health of every child in our six-county region.”

California is trading spaces with Texas

Texas is a financial paradise; quite simply, you get more for your money. The vast amenities offered at Windsong Ranch are only a dream in a place like California. If you’re thinking about moving, the first step is to check out the “Move to Texas From California!” Facebook page – you’ll thank us later!

THE LAGOON is here

Five acres of freshwater never looked so good in North Texas! THE LAGOON offers a variety of recreational activities from swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, windsurfing and more…you will think you are on vacation, no doubt. Open to the public, The Grand Reveal will take place on June 29th – more details here.

If we have not convinced you just why yet, come take a look for yourself!