Summer is well underway at Windsong Ranch. With all of the exceptional amenities and monthly events in our master-planned community, the kids of Windsong Ranch will never run out of things to do! But if your kids are looking to make some extra cash during this summer break, here are some easy ways your kids can make money this summer.

  1. Pet Sitting

    This is a simple and fun way your kid can make some money in Windsong Ranch! Pet sitting will keep them busy for hours and also teach them valuable skills such as responsibility and discipline.

  2. House Sitting

    Most families go on vacation over summer and will need someone to look after their home while they are gone. Have your kids print flyers and pass them around the master-planned community of Windsong Ranch, so families know who to call if they are looking for a house sitter!

  3. Window Washing

    Most homeowners rarely find the time to clean the outside of their windows. Tell your kids to grab the window cleaner, a towel and a squeegee and get to work! To get started, the kids can go door-to-door asking the neighbors if they would like to have their windows cleaned for a small price.

  4. Lemonade Stand

    Last but not least, the classic lemonade stand! Most lemonade stands are set up with a simple table and a small sign stating the price, but tell your kids to have fun with their stand! The kids can play some music and dance around to draw people in. This is a fun and easy way for kids to make some money at Windsong Ranch. Check out this recipe for your kid’s lemonade stand.

Share these ideas with your kids so they can make some easy money this summer! For more information on the master-planned community of Windsong Ranch in Prosper, Texas, visit our website today.

Image from Thinkstock by Getty Images. Item number: 490130835