Every month, the master-planned community of Windsong Ranch in Prosper, TX hosts a public community event. The event for June is the second annual Wings Over Windsong!

Saturday, June 4th

Windsong Ranch

What time?
10 am – 2 pm

Parking Information
Parking will be at The Commons in Windsong Ranch. There will be a shuttle bus going from The Commons to the event field!

Things to do at Wings Over Windsong

  • Eat tasty food truck grub
  • Jump around in the bounce house
  • Fly a flight simulator
  • Enjoy the sight of over 100 RC planes

In case you aren’t familiar with RC planes, RC stands for radio control. All RC aircraft can be categorized with three different terms – scale, semi-scale and non-scale. Scale is when the aircraft is a replica of an actual aircraft. Semi-scale is a close representation of an aircraft, and non-scale is a completely made-up design. With that being said, there are all kinds of RC aircraft from airplanes, helicopters, jets and more.

Here are a few basic types of RC planes and other aircraft that might make a special appearance at Wings Over Windsong!

Sport Airplanes

Sport airplanes can be any size and are very common in the RC airplane world. They can be used to perform basic maneuvers. Generally speaking, sport airplanes are mid or low wing, meaning the wings are either attached to the middle or bottom of the plane.

Aerobatic Airplanes

This type of airplane is specifically designed to perform advanced aerobatic tricks. They’re usually mid wing and have more power than the airplane actually needs. This excess in power means the plane can zip through the sky with ease while doing all sorts of maneuvers.


Most warbirds are either scale or semi-scale models because they are representative of airplanes that were flown primarily during the First and Second World War. They are usually considered some of the nicest looking and smoothest flying models.

Vintage Airplanes

Just as their name implies, these airplanes reflect classic designs from the 1930s and 40s. They are usually more slow and gentle flyers.


Just like their full-size counterparts, RC jets require a lot of skill to fly and are extremely fast. Their power source can range from electric all the way to a mini turbine.

Wings Over Windsong in the master-planned community of Windsong Ranch in Prosper, TX is sure to be one of the most fun Prosper events of the month! Take a look at photos from last year’s Wings Over Windsong and check out the Facebook event page for more details!