This month our Windsong event that’s open to the public is a Disco Dash! This is an open event that’ll be fun for the whole family at our master-planned community.

Runners, walkers, dancers, boogie lovers are all welcome to participate in the 1k, 5k and party afterwards at Windsong Ranch in Prosper, TX!

Saturday, May 28th

What time?

Register here until Wednesday, May 25th or in person at 7 am the day of.

Windsong Ranch in Prosper, TX


Things to do at the Disco Dash at Windsong Ranch in Prosper, TX:

  • 1K Hustle
  • 5K Dash (3.1 miles)
  • Eating: BBQ and Beer
  • Outside family actives: waterslides and more!

Whether this is your first 5K or you’re an experienced runner, you need to get yourself ready to run! Below are some of the things you should do the night before and the morning of to prepare for the race in our master-planned community!

Night Before

Drinking plenty of water, getting enough sleep, and organizing your clothes the night before will allow for a stress-free start the next day!

What you probably didn’t know is that not only do you need to eat a healthy dinner, but you need to eat a dinner that you’re familiar with. If you try to eat something new that your stomach isn’t used to, it could stress your stomach during the race and affect your outcome. Stick with some familiar carbs and protein to run your best race!

Morning of

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially the days you have a 1k or 5k! The food you eat in the morning will give you a boost of energy for your run.

Depending on the performance you want to achieve, it’s important you feed yourself the correct foods and portions to give you the right amount of energy. Fats and proteins will give you the most, but in moderation, so it digests faster. Here are some suggestions of what to eat along with when you should eat them:

Two hours before

  • Trail mix with dried fruit and candy
  • Bagel with peanut butter or cream cheese
  • Bowl of more than a single serving of cereal with milk
  • Almond butter, honey and banana roll up

30 minutes before

  • One cup of grapes
  • Granola bar
  • One serving of cereal
  • Toast with jelly
  • One pack of oatmeal

We hope you found these tips helpful! We’re looking forward to seeing everyone there to boogie all morning! If you are interested in the event-packed, resort-living that Windsong Ranch in Prosper, TX has to offer, take a look at our available homes and visit us today!