July is fast approaching, which means it’s about to get hot in Prosper, Texas! Before you or your children play outside or hit the pool at the Windsong Ranch amenity center, we wanted to make sure your family stays safe throughout our hot Prosper summer. Here are a few tips on how to keep safe.

1. Drink plenty of water.

This may seem like a given, but when you get caught up in playing or swimming outdoors, it’s easy to forget about hydrating until you start feeling sick. Take plenty of water with you wherever you go and drink frequently, even when you don’t feel thirsty.

2. Take frequent breaks.

If possible, try not to stay out in the sun too long. If you are swimming in the heat of the day, only swim for a bit then go inside and cool off for a while. You can also use this time to rehydrate and reapply sunscreen.

3. Dress Light

Wearing comfortable, light colored clothing can help keep you cool. Also, try to wear loose fitting clothing.

4. Car Safety

Never leave your children or a pet in a closed vehicle. The amount of time it takes for the temperature of the car to become life-threatening is a lot quicker than most people think.

5. Protect your eyes

Sunglasses not only look stylish, but also protect your eyes from becoming damaged by the sun.

Follow these tips to stay safe this summer in McKinney. There are endless fun outdoor activities for you and your children to do, as long as you play it smart. Did we miss any important tips? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!