Native Texans know that summer time means it’s hot! For those who are new to the
Prosper area, you will soon find out what summers are like here. Luckily, your new
home in Windsong Ranch gives you access to the pools and splash areas in our community! In an area where swimming pools are a staple, we wanted to help you brush up on some sun safety rules to follow.

Cover up!
When possible, try to wear a hat that has at least a 3-inch brim or bill that faces forward. Also, don’t forget to protect those eyes! Sunglasses with 97-100% protection against UVA & UVB rays are essential to taking care of your eyes.

Find Shade.
If you are outside, try to find a shady area to sit instead of being in direct sunlight. If shade isn’t available, limit sun exposure during the peak hours of 10am-4pm. If you find yourself feeling extremely warm, take breaks and go inside for a bit. Our poolside cabanas, covered living area and Windsong Café can help you beat the heat and provide much needed shade and breaks from the sun.

Apply and Reapply Sunscreen.
Sunscreen is absolutely crucial to protecting your skin against the sun’s damaging rays. Use a minimum of SPF 15 and apply a generous amount on all exposed areas. Don’t forget the small areas like the top of your ears and the part in your hair. If you jump in the pool or sweat, be sure to reapply!

Water Drink plenty of water.
If you are thirsty, that means you are dehydrated. Being exposed to heat means losing tons of water through sweat. If you start to feel weak or nauseous, it may be time to go inside and hydrate.

If you follow these rules, you’ll be sure to enjoy the blazing hot sun by cooling off at the pool. Sign up for our newsletter for fun pool events such as dive in movies and parties!