North Texas is known for its drastically changing weather no matter the time of year. In the winter, it can be in the high 60s one day and drop to the low 30s the next. In order to prepare your Prosper, TX home for those colder winter days, follow these 10 rules.

  1. Tune up your heating system. It will cost you around $80 but can save you hundreds.
  2. Reverse your ceiling fans. This will boost energy efficiency and circulate warm air throughout a room.
  3. Clean the gutters. This avoids backup that can damage your roof and siding.
  4. Turn off exterior faucets. Any undrained water can freeze and cause the pipes to burst.
  5. Boost lighting. The days are shorter and the nights are longer. Add some lamps to avoid a dreary home or light some candles for a romantic night in!
  6. Call a chimney sweep. This one gets overlooked, yet is incredibly important for the safety of your family that soot and creosote don’t accumulate and increase your risk of chimney fires.
  7. Invest in a good welcome mat. It prevents guests from slipping on the porch and also avoids mud in the house that you will have to clean later.
  8. Program your thermostat. Setting it at 68 degrees instead of 72 degrees can save you up to 20% each month. If it gets to cold, you can always spend some nice family time cozying up in front of the fireplace!
  9. Caulk. Make sure windows are properly sealed to ensure cold air doesn’t sneak in.
  10. Check the roof. Make sure there are no holes or damaged shingles. This can cause major problems during cold weather months.

Follow these 10 rules and you are well on your way to a worry-free winter! These simple steps can ensure that your Prosper home is well taken care of and ready to protect you from those frigid winter days.