With 13 days to go in 2015, it’s time to start thinking about those New Year’s Resolutions! Maybe yours are to be more active, get promoted, stop procrastinating, or kicking a bad habit.

We’ve compiled a list for you to tackle in 2016:

Prevent Bathroom Mold
Those nice, hot showers feel great especially on a cold day. But they also produce a ton of moisture that can sit around and eventually cause mold or mildew. There are a couple of ways to prevent this. First, you can squeegee water off of the walls, eliminating three-fourths of the moisture that supports mold and mildew growth. Secondly, run your fan for at least 30 minutes after your shower to eliminate all moisture. You can even add a timer to automate this step.

Clean Out That Dryer Vent
Sometimes, certain types of clothes just take a long time to dry. And other times, it’s time to clean out your outdoor dryer air vent. It’s a relatively simple process, and should take no more than 20 minutes. Detach the duct from behind the unit and then push a plumbing snake through your dryer vent from outside. You can tie the snake to a rag and run it through a few times to not only save energy but could also prevent potential fires.

Good as New Dishwasher
About once a month, you should clean out your dishwasher with one cup of vinegar. Let it run for one full cycle and see that hard-water lime buildup disappear, making your dishwasher run good as new.

Protect Your Windsong Ranch Home
Installing motion detector lighting can be a great first line of defense for any home. They are a proven crime deterrent and can cost as little as $15. Top of the line motion detector lighting is usually in $80 range, an investment that’s well worth it.

The best master planned communities in Texas, or America, have homes that are well-kept. Windsong Ranch has just that! Visit our website or visit us in person today to experience the Windsong Ranch lifestyle yourself!