At Windsong Ranch, we are constantly seeking to improve upon the experience that realtors and potential residents have while touring our beautiful master-planned community. Our newest addition to our team, Windy makes touring Windsong Ranch easier than ever before!

Windy is a Polaris GEM or Global Electric Motorcar that is akin to a cross between a golf cart and a van. Windy allows realtors and potential residents to explore our lush green spaces, exceptional state-of-the-art facilities, and unique neighborhoods in luxurious comfort, with more built in safety features than a golf cart.

On any given day, Windy can be spotted hard at work, showing potential residents the ins and outs of our expertly planned community. When she’s not on the move, Windy can be found at our award-winning Welcome Center, waiting to meet realtors and potential residents. In her spare time, you may even see Windy participating in one of our many community events!

We invite you to come visit Windsong Ranch and let Windy show you what the #1 Master-Planned Community in North Dallas looks like!

meet wendy