Parents, it’s that time of year again at the master-planned community of Windsong Ranch in Prosper, TX. Fall is coming, the weather is cooling down, and it’s time for the kids to get back to school for a new year. Before the homework starts piling up, a themed party is an excellent idea to get kids excited to return to school. Here are some fun ideas for a back to school party!

Back to School Cookies and Cupcakes

Photo Source: Recipes Hub – Apple Cupcakes

Apple cupcakes, Crayola cupcakes, school bus cookies and more! There are so many different ideas that you can turn into a real life creation. Take a look at the different ideas and recipes here.

Milk and Cookies Snack Station

Photo Source: Iron & Twine Blog

Who doesn’t love a good glass of milk paired with some cookies? Not a lot of kids would turn this delicious delicacy down. It is a must-have for a back to school party. Add some paper straws to finish off the look and complete your snack station with the cupcakes and cookies suggested above.

“Brown Paper Lunch Bag” Gift Bag

Photo Source: Pinterest

What’s a party without taking home gift bags and party favors? A brown paper lunch gift bag is a great idea to incorporate, and it ties into this theme perfectly. Put your party favors in the lunch bag and they are ready to go! Find your brown paper lunch bags here.

Chalkboards as Table Placemats

Photo Source: Iron & Twine Blog

Take the party one step further with these chalkboard placemats! Aside from the fact that they are adorable and fit with the theme, the kids will have so much fun drawing on them with chalk! Find your chalkboard placemats here.

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