Living in Prosper, TX, Windsong Ranch residents know how hot and sunny Texas summer can be. While it’s fun to play outside by the resort pool or on the trails and soak up the sun, it’s not fun having a sunburn! Here are a few easy ways to avoid getting a sunburn.

Apply Sunscreen

This one may be obvious, but wearing sunscreen is a sure fire way to at least prevent a really bad sunburn. Make sure you use an SPF that is strong enough for your needs and reapply it every 2 – 3 hours.

Wear a Hat

While most people think that a baseball cap is enough to keep them protected, it only truly protects your face. Instead, wear a hat that has a wide brim which can cover your face, ears and neck.

Go Running at Dawn or Dusk

As an active adult community, many Windsong Ranch resident love running. Try switching to running early in the morning as the sun is rising or at night when the sun is setting. This will not only help you avoid getting a sunburn while running, but it should also be a bit cooler during those times.

Bring an Umbrella

An umbrella can be very helpful, even if it isn’t raining. If you’re going to be sitting or laying in one area for a long period of time, you can use the umbrella as shade to prevent prolonged sun exposure and the shade will keep you a bit cooler.

SPF Clothing

A relatively new item, SPF clothing and fabric has just recently become widely available. SPF clothing allows you to enjoy playing outside and even in the water without having to worry about reapplying sunscreen.

Use these tips to stay safe this summer and have fun! Windsong Ranch hosts events every month for people to enjoy the great outdoors and living in Prosper, TX. To learn more about our active adult community, visit the Windsong Ranch website today and see why everything else is just ordinary.

Image from Thinkstock by Getty Images. Item number: dv755052