You’ve probably heard of your friends and family running in one of the many DFW 5ks offered year round. From color runs to zombie runs, there’s something for everyone. Here in Prosper, Texas we’re joining in on the fun by doing a Superhero 5k & Sidekick Fun Run at Windsong Ranch! This race will benefit the Wounded Warrior Project. For any first time runners, we want to give you some quick tips before race day!


Get Plenty Of Sleep and Water

The night before the race, make sure you’re tucked into bed early. It’s no fun to run when you are sleepy. Also, be sure to really hydrate the two days leading up to the race. You’ll feel more energized and ready to take on those 3.1 miles!

Dress Comfortably

While it may be tempting to buy new shoes for your race, we would recommend using shoes you have already broken in to avoid blisters and other discomfort. Also, be sure to wear light, comfortable clothing.

No Pressure

Many 5k runners complete their race with a combination of walking and running. This is your first time, so take it easy if you start to feel too tired. Even superheroes need a break sometimes!

Keep Your Own Pace

At the beginning of the race, you may feel compelled to sprint to keep up with other runners. This will wear you out quickly, making finishing the race harder than it has to be. Run at your own pace and enjoy the beautiful trails Windsong Ranch has to offer.


Once the race is over, give yourself a few days of relaxation. Congrats, Superhero, you just completed your first 5k race!

At our Windsong Ranch Superhero 5k, we fully encourage you to dress up as your favorite superhero. Just make sure you are comfortable enough to run 3.1 miles! We will also offer a 1-mile fun run, so grab all your neighbors and friends and sign up today!