There’s nothing quite as refreshing and healthy as swimming! Whether it’s swimming laps in our lap pool or just lounging and playing with your kids in the resort-style pool and kids splash park, Windsong Ranch makes living in Prosper, TX easy and fun. Swimming is also a great part of active adult living because it has so many healthy benefits! Here are a few surprising health benefits of swimming that you may not know about.

  1. Lowers Stress

    Swimming, like all exercise, causes your body to release endorphins, which help to relieve stress. It has also been proven that being submersed in water helps to prevent sensory overload, which is connected to high stress levels.

  2. Improves Asthma Symptoms

    It may seem counterintuitive that a water-based exercise like swimming would actually help to alleviate asthma symptoms, but it does. The air an asthma patient is breathing in while swimming is more humid and contains fewer allergens, therefore reducing bronchial irritation.

  3. Increases Weight Loss

    Swimming is a perfect way to burn a lot of calories without having to strain your body. You can burn nearly the same amount of calories running, jogging or riding your bike as you can when you’re swimming – but you’re staying cool and having more fun in the pool!

  4. Fights Aging

    While swimming won’t stop external signs of aging, it does improve your body’s internal health. The low impact on the joints helps prevent arthritis and other bone degeneration. It also helps to develop lean muscles and maintain flexibility.

  5. Improves Mental Health

    Studies have shown that swimming helps to stimulate the growth and repair of brain cells. The calming nature of the water can also help to reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety and improve overall mood.

The lap pool at Windsong Ranch (or at home if you’re not a Windsong resident) is the perfect place to reduce your stress and improve your body and mind this summer. For more information on Windsong Ranch and living in Prosper, TX, visit our website today.

Image from Thinkstock by Getty Images. Item number: dv1983003