The 4th of July is right around the corner, and with that comes food, family, fireworks and games. That’s why the master-planned community of Windsong Ranch in Prosper, TX is sharing a few fantastic games for your 4th of July party!

Independence Day Bingo

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Perfect for indoors or outdoors, printing out free patriotic bingo sets online is a breeze and fun for all your guests! Give out small prizes for winners to create even more excitement. Here’s a link to print off your own Independence Day Bingo cards.

Red, White and Blue Tag

Give everyone either a red, white or blue bandana and have them choose a place to secure it. They can tuck it in their pants, shoe or pocket. They just can’t hold it or tie it to any part of their clothing. The first person to collect all three colors wins! Tag is a great way to enjoy some active adult living and is tremendous fun for kids and adults.

Ring Toss

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Grab a wooden case and some old-fashioned soda bottles and you have a delightful homemade ring toss that will be sure to draw the community into your backyard.

Outdoor Lawn Twister

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Lay out a twister mat on the grass or use washable paint to create your own, this lively game will bring everyone outside to watch as people find themselves entangled and twisted on the lawn.

These 4 fun-filled games will keep you and your family entertained long after the fireworks this 4th of July. For more information on how the master-planned community of Windsong Ranch in Prosper, TX is perfect for you and active adult living, visit our website today!