Community Spotlight: Little Free Library


You know, there was a time when reading was an adventure. When instead of playing video games or staring into an iPad for hours, a good book and a comfortable seat were all you needed to go on the journey of a lifetime. When libraries were still libraries.

Well, there is currently a trend sweeping the […]

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Thanksgiving Desserts

Windsong Ranch Thanksgiving Desserts to Serve


When it comes to Thanksgiving, you pretty much know what to expect: Hot turkey, honey-glazed ham, mac-and-cheese, gravy, stuffing, warm rolls and mashed potatoes.

Ah, yes. The Thanksgiving classics. But while everyone comes for the main course, they stay for the desserts. And today we’re here to give some not-so-traditional Thanksgiving dessert recipes that will have […]

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Highland Homes

Prosper Homebuilder Highlight: Highland Homes


Picture1The brother and sister team of Rod Sanders and Jean Ann Brock started Highland Homes in 1985. Highland Homes in Windsong Ranch are quaint yet luxurious. Being born and raised Texas residents, Rod and Jean treat all of their clients and business partners with southern […]

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